Archive vol.17 released

26 Feb 2012 20.52

The 17th volume of my archives has been released. The volume concludes the year 2000.

I think there is material for at least one distinct volume yet, but after 2000 – 2001 I didn’t create single tracks so intensely anymore and concentrated on playing live sets. I will release archive volumes as soon as I can always find material for them.

I will also begin to release my live sets in their entirety from the earliest in 2001.

There has been material loitering around for the next official release and that’ll be composed and mixed. The music will be centered on melancholy – with rhythmic elements and beats. The release will not probably going to have many tracks and maybe it’ll be more like an EP or a compilation.

I have also begun to build another release, which will be a longer release of thoroughly composed new piece(s) of music.

Archive vol. 16 released

22 Feb 2012 18.10

After moving to Sodankylä Geophysical Observatory I again didn’t have but my mixer and effects with me first. This set finalizes my feedback loop experiments with the mixer; I haven’t dared to do the same since with my other mixers.

Archive vol. 15 released

19 Feb 2012 11.28

The first pieces of music of the year 2000 conclude my presence in my flat/studio back then.

Archive vol. 14 released

24 Sep 2011 01.18

The last tracks of 1999 are now available for listening and downloading.

Archives vol. 13 released

26 Mar 2011 13.01

I have just released the 13th volume of my sonic archives.

It’s available on the

There is still at least 15 hours of music coming up until about year 2002 + I will begin to release the earliest live sets too. In terms of single pieces the main mass is centered in 1999, but there are tracks here and there to be archived still.

Archives Vol.12 released

22 Feb 2011 19.48

New archive volume has been released. This one covers two weeks in September 1999.

The biography page has been updated to list all of the released archives so far.

Another part of the unedited (meaning everything that has been recorded is going to be released) sarana history is now on-line. Music on this volume has been crafted between early Summer and late August of 1999.

Archive vol. 11 – Deeper Caverns.

Solina from 1999

28 Apr 2010 19.27

I’m currently going through music that will be the 11th volume of my archives.  The journey is interesting, personal and revealing… For most of the music (practically all of them) that I have released my friends have been the only audience.

It’s hard to fathom that sounds I’m going through now have been conceived 11 years ago. Here’s one track from the past – Solina. Solina is Finnish and means the sound which water makes when it flows around small pebbles and things. In this case the actual sound comes from the kitchen sink of the flat where I lived back then.

I had a microphone by the sink, let the water run and recorded the track live without much preparations. The basis of the piece is a 7/4 beat that probably took a some time to create. Back then if it took more than an hour to compose a piece I considered it too much.

The steady pulse that goes with the beat is DX-7, which is set to play one note only, and which takes the trigger from any midi input that comes from the drum machine. I used this method often, and all kinds of fruitful melodies revealed themselves now and then.

Over the beat Polysix goes through an arpeggio, which is not synced to anything. The few note melody comes from a Casio keyboard, which I intuitively played while mixing the track. The hardest to mix was usually the drum machine, DR-660, because I had to mix its sounds individually in and out, and the interface is not very intuitive.

All the mixing was done while performing the tracks – there wasn’t any automation or pre-recorded backgrounds.

This is the only take of the track. I usually had some plan in my mind how I would mix the sounds in but I never planned how to end the tracks. The latest element that is mixed in, the noisy choir, is something I grabbed from some passing TV-show of the moment.


Archive Vol.10 is online

17 Apr 2010 19.07

The tenth volume of my archives is now available from